Web Development

Although I’ve largely managed development teams and designed infrastructure for them, I also do a little tinkering myself now and then. Below are some of the fruits of those tinkers.

Mouse-less Web Browsing Using Your Keyboard

Use your keyboard’s numpad to open web links

Keyboard shortcuts for Windows don’t include hyperlinks! All of today’s modern web browsers (except console browsers such as 8 Lynx) need a mouse to access webpages by ‘clicking’ on the hypertext or hyperlink images contained within a page.

9 Kab.js (Keyboard Assisted Browsing) is a JavaScript drop-in which enables webpages to display and use keyboard navigation to follow website links using just your computer’s keyboard (no mouse required!)… Read On >>

My Web Sites

Menu Magic

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With this website I used a photo lighting effect entirely using CSS to create a visually beautiful landing page.

The photographic effect is perfectly optimized for fast downloads, browser compatibility and standards compliance.

View it at www.completetilingsolutions.co.uk

Database Driven


This is a worthy cause I’m happy to have helped made possible. A friend of mine runs a company training teachers throughout the UK to use a drawing technique that helps children with emotional abuse or trauma open up and express themselves. It’s design is not the most visually stunning but it’s function rich, database driven with bespoke News and Forums for signed-up members, a members administration panel and of course, an online course booking system. www.drawingandtalking.com


Community Networks (eco-Times)

This site is another example of my passion for local community. This ‘On-line Community website’ at www.eco-times.co.uk/ was designed as a Yellow Pages type search engine with TripAdvisor type feedback of local arts and crafts people and ecologically minded companies. We had festival listings, blogs and news around the Eco-movement and esoteric communities. This was a really fun project to work on.

Sadly, it was such a huge undertaking that I personally, ran out of time on this one and its key functions are now being performed somewhat satisfactory by the likes of Facebook and Google.

Portfolio Websites


An acquaintance was somewhat of a star back in the mid 90’s, appearing in the hit TV show The Bill, and wanted a artful Portfolio website to display his many acting, film and musical achievements – and this was the result with Multimedia content such as Voice Reels, Film Show reels as well as of course, a photo gallery and traditional content.

Visit the official site of Actor Arin Alldridge at www.arinalldridge.com

Photos Photos Photos!

Where would we be without our beloved photos. Be it showing off our loved ones, holiday snaps or a little more pragmatically, displaying our work. In this case, a friend of a friend owned a small Floor and Bathroom Tiling company. Back in the day before CSS not too long ago, websites were so very dull, used tables for object placement as if feeding fish to a whale and frankly, were as esthetically pleasing as a crumpled old black and white newspaper used for wrapping fish ‘n’ chips in.

The owner of this small venture, wisely decided he wanted something different, something that would stand out from the crowd and convey some esthetics and excellence in his companies craftsmanship. The result was this elegant, clean and simply design with pictures arranged like tiles, a photo gallery and contact page.

These were also the days of dial-up modems so all images were optimized for quality and speed with the entire site being under 1.5 MB in size.

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This small but elegant, custom built photographic gallery is used to full effect, giving customers a view of the companies quality of work.

View it at www.completetilingsolutions.co.uk/gallery.html

Flash Magic

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Ah, Flash. When Flash first arrived, the web development community really hadn’t worked out quit what to do with it. Some, like myself, tried our hand at creating a complete website with it with the help of a template from some book. It was terrible as a website and much better at adding some dynamism to a site with movement that would catch the eye. Adds, short media clips and the like, although if Apple have their way, not for long. These days

It’s not very good but it was fun.